The Ministry of Environmental Protection issued four national pollutant discharge standards

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine have recently issued four national pollutant discharge standards. This is the first time that the Ministry of Environmental Protection has issued national environmental protection standards since its establishment. According to the person in charge of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the introduction of four standards will further increase the level of emission control of pollution sources and improve the national pollutant discharge monitoring system.

According to reports, these four standards are the "Coal Bed Gas (Coal Mine Gas) Emission Standard (Interim)" "Household Waste Landfill Pollution Control Standards" "Heterocyclic Agricultural Chemical Industry Pollutants Emission Standard" "Heavy Vehicle Gasoline Engine Emission Limits and Measurement Methods for Vehicle Exhaust Emissions (Chinese Phase III, IV). The Coalbed Gas (Coal Mine Gas) Emission Standard (Interim) has for the first time proposed mandatory measures to control greenhouse gas emissions in the world. By limiting the use of coal mine gas by limiting the emission standards, it is estimated that the annual gas emission reduction can reach 2.5 billion cubic meters. The equivalent is 37 million tons.

The "Standard for Pollution Control of Domestic Garbage Landfills" is an amendment to the "Standard for the Control of Landfill Pollution of Domestic Garbage." The standard supplements the selection of residential landfill sites and the design and construction requirements for basic facilities. It also requires that existing and new domestic waste landfills should have relatively complete sewage treatment facilities. Leachate must be treated to meet the standards. The specified emission limits can be discharged. According to the needs of environmental protection work in special regions, special limits for water pollutants have been set in the standards. The standard also puts forward stringent monitoring measures for odorous gases produced in domestic garbage landfills.

The “Discharge Standards for Water Pollutants of Heterocyclic Industrial Pesticides” is the first national emission standard for pesticides introduced after the Ministry of Environmental Protection initiated the formulation of the discharge standard for water pollutants in the pesticide industry. The standard addresses the characteristics of production processes, pollution control technologies, and pollutant emissions of heterocyclic pesticides, sets emission limits for conventional pollutants and pollutants characteristic of the pesticide industry in existing enterprises and construction projects, and strict water pollutants. Special emission limits. "Limits and Measurement Methods for Exhaust Pollutants from Heavy Duty Gasoline Engines and Vehicles (Chinese Phases III and IV)" have reduced pollutant emission limits, improved emission detection methods, and durability of vehicle emission control performance. The requirements for vehicle compliance and installation of on-board diagnostic systems are presented.

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