Jianghuai Automobile sales rose 28% in November, the hi…

Jianghuai Automobile (600418.SH) released the November sales and production report in the evening of December 5, saying that November production was 42200 units, an increase of 19.98% year-on-year; sales volume was 42300 units, an increase of 27.91% year-on-year, which was the highest in the month READ MORE

Dongfeng Parts & Components Group has achieved rema…

On December 4, 2012, Dongfeng Automotive Components (Group) Co., Ltd. held the 2012 staff inauguration results conference. The reporter learned from the meeting that, since 2012, the Dongfeng Parts Company's trade unions have focused on the theme activities of the "Year of Science and Tec READ MORE

2013 Machinery Industry Development Trend Forecast

In 2012, the growth rate of the machinery industry declined. From January to October, the total output value of the machinery industry was 14.9 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.91% year-on-year. The growth rate was the lowest in nearly 10 years (excluding 2009), and was 13% lower than the READ MORE

Eight tricks to identify the advantages and disadvantag…

In the maintenance and repair of automobiles, we often worry about accidentally buying counterfeit and unsuitable accessories. So, how can we buy qualified accessories? See if the logo is complete. Authentic products have good quality packaging, clear writing on the packaging box, and viv READ MORE

Repair analysis of 2m*6m digital gantry milling machine

Failure of the module or absolute encoder. Then the C axis and the C10 axis drive module and control module are swapped and restarted, and the fault still exists. Prove that there is no problem with the drive module and the control module. The reason may be that it is on the absolute encoder. In o READ MORE

Michelin Brings Construction Machinery Tire to Shanghai…

On November 27th, Michelin (China) took its engineering machinery tire products for the first time at the "baumaChina2012 China International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Engineering Vehicles and Equipment Expo" (referred to as "2012 Shanghai BMW Exhibition& READ MORE

Particle size analyzer development prospect analysis

After just a few decades of development, China has not only achieved the "never again" of the particle size analyzer industry, but also developed into the world's largest particle size instrument market, and it is also the fastest growing and most competitive market. The tech READ MORE