Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoy with Closed Cell PE/EVA Foam

Trademark: Evergreen Maritime
Origin: Shandong, China

Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoy with Closed Cell PE/EVA Foam

General surface support buoys are entensively used in single point mooring (SPMsystem. The three main type are as below:

  1. Cylindrical Buoys.
  2. Chain thought Buoys.
  3. Pick-up Buoys.
Material: Swivel assembly: bows to BS970
                Gusets, flanges carbon steel to BS EN10025 Fe 430 A or B
                Central tube to BS 6323 Pt 3 HFS 5
Finish: Swivel assembly hot dip galvanized to BS 729 Zn2/Zn4 at 610 g/m2
Steelwok to be coal tar epoxy painted
Skin Colour: Orange, Yellow and others
Subsea Buoyancy
Evergreen can make buoyancy material used for subsea up to 7000m. Product of different opplications buoyancys are manufactured upon our advance subsea buoyancy material. We can make subsurface mooring buoys , cable float, pipeline buoys, ROV buoyancy module , special buoys, and other synmatic foam products.
Our high-performance subsea buoyancy material and synmatic foam have the following performance.
Item Unit Value
500m 1000m 1500m 4500m
Density g/cm³ ≤0.4 ≤0.45 ≤0.5 ≤0.6
Compressive Strength MPa ≥5 ≥10 ≥15 ≥40
Hydrostatic Pressure MPa ≥5 ≥10 ≥15 ≥37
Water Absorption % ≤2(5MPa,24h) ≤2(10MPa,24h) ≤2(15MPa,24h) ≤2(40MPa,24h)
Advantage of Evergreen pick- up buoys
1,Advanced  framework design .
2.Over 20 year's expriences in marine buoys, more improvements are reflected  in production.
3.Durable practical.
4.More flexible,easy installation.
5.Safety and reliability.
6.Economical, Good after service.
7.Variety of end fitting to choose
8.Good technical supports
9.Abrasion resistant tough skin
Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoy with Closed Cell PE/EVA Foam
Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoy with Closed Cell PE/EVA Foam


Pullylon engineers provide all phases help on the product, including initial engineering, layout design, fabrication and final testing. Every product is made by strict quality standard.Regarding the material,we usually use the carbon steel or stainless steel,if you need other material,we also can do it for you.

Product Range 

Design Code

ASME Section VIII,Div I,API standard,China standard


Up to 20Mpa




Up to 200M3(2,000,000 Liters water volume )


Up to 5 meters

Shell&Head Thk

Up to 100mm


Up to 100 tons


Up to 50 meters,with suitable field joints

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